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Firmware Update Or Factory Reset SynLink Devices

by Synaccess11/5/2021

Firmware Update & Factory Reset SynLink Devices Without Interrupting Outlet Operations

SynLink PDUs are able to be factory reset or updated without interrupting outlet operations. User permissions are required in order to factory reset and firmware update.

Contact Synaccess support for the most up to date firmware for your model & configuration. 



  • SynLink Smart PDU
  • Network Configured/Connected Setup (Quick Start Guide)
  • Web Browser
  • Firmware Update File (for firmware updates)

Firmware Update Web Instructions

As best-practice, if firmware updating multiple PDUs we recommend performing this firmware update on a single unit, and verifying that the update is successful before deploying it on additional PDUs.

Firmware Update Through Web Interface
Navigate to Settings -> Firmware Update (/settings/firmware-update)

Under Section "Firmware Upgrade" click on button "Upload File" 

firmware update button from web interface

Upload a provided firmware file. Contact us a for the most up to date firmware for your device.

firmware update progress image

Allow a few minutes for the firmware update to process. Once finished, click the "Reboot Now" button and the device should restart in normal operational mode.

When the web interface connects to the PDU again, perform a hard refresh in your browser. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the reload icon on your browser's toolbar. 

Firmware Update USB Drive Instructions

As best-practice, if firmware updating multiple PDUs we recommend performing this firmware update on a single unit, and verifying that the update is successful before deploying it on additional PDUs.
Firmware Update via USB requires the following permissions found on
Settings -> Ports (/settings/serial)

1. Create a single partition on your USB drive and format it with FAT partition.
2. On USB's root directory, create folder named synlink_update.
3. Copy the firmware package file into the synlink_update directory.
4. Plug in the USB flash drive to the SynLink PDU's USB host port labeled 'USB' and firmware upgrade will start automatically. Follow the instructions on the LCD interface after update completes.

Note: There should only be one firmware package file in the synlink_update directory

Error Codes:

1. Update Failed on Secondary Flash
2. Update Failed on Primary Flash
3. Unable to find firmware file
4. Update already in progress
5. USB upgrade not allowed. Please enable in web/shell
255. More than one firmware file detected
256. Generic Error Code

Factory Reset Web Instructions

The following instructions require access to the web interface and allowed permissions. 

Access the Factory Reset section in Settings -> Reset & Restart (/settings/backup-restore). Click on "Reset All Settings" to issue the factory reset.

Once confirmed, the device to reset all settings to the default:

Static IP:
Username: admin
password: admin

Factory Reset Local Interface Instructions

Make sure you are out of the screensaver mode. Hold down the top and bottom button of the row of three buttons by the LCD for 10+ seconds. The screen will reset which indicates the PDU is going through a factory reset sequence.

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