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See what's new for SynLink Smart PDUs
Version 2.5.75
  • Add smart hub support.
  • PAT support when updating firmware.
  • Multiple temp sensors per port security enhancement.
  • Fix DHCP gateway reporting when in bridged mode.
  • Stricter password requirements.
  • Web page auto logout when idle.
  • Password expiration.
  • Lockout user after unsuccessful attempts.
  • Lock and unlock user accounts manually.
  • USB Port can be set to COM mode.
  • Auto login in serial console.
  • Temperature sensor LCD reporting fix.
  • Display device name on web app sidebar.
  • Device name in email alerts
Version 2.5.73
  • Add option to disable TLS < TLS1.2. This setting is enabled by default.
Version 2.5.72
  • Add SNMP OIDs for event trigger state and event trigger time.
Version 2.5.71
  • Bug fix for networking configuration changes.
Version 2.5.68
  • Security update for additional security protocols
Version 2.5.67
  • DNS Nameservers supplied by DHCP, security update for cloud connectivity
Version 2.5.66
  • Fix bug with sensor connectivity
  • Add power reading for 120V+208V PDU Models
Version 2.5.64
  • Add error reporting when cloud pairing fails.
  • Add support for Inlet plug IEC 60309 316P6
Version 2.5.62
  • Fix non responsive issue when incorrect credentials are used during login
Version 2.5.61
  • Added support for 120/208V three phase PDU.
  • Factory reset and control module pairing update added..
Version 2.5.60
  • Added support for new triple circuit/input 36 outlet PDU.
  • Remove redundant logging.
Version 2.5.58
  • Add cloud support, disabled by default.
  • Add Radius Remote Authentication.
  • HTTPS Post action support.
  • Quad Circuit support.
  • Control module re-pair fix.
Version 2.5.57
  • Bug fix with gateway IP showing correctly on LCD screen. Fix networking issues with select routes on multiple network interfaces.
Version 2.5.55
  • Add support for quad circuit configuration PDUs. Added support for WYE 3 Phase PDU configurations.
Version 2.5.51
  • Add LDAP Remote Authentication
  • Add LDAP configuration testing tool
  • Add timeout for web interface of 30 minutes
  • Fix bug with navigation on select configurations for web interface.
  • Add outlet grouping
Version 2.5.49
  • Add weekly events trigger
  • Fix x-axis mislabeling on all line charts.
  • Fixed bug when flushing data for logging
  • Only on Mining Specific Firmware - Update for slush API passthrough API. Contact us directly for copy of Mining OS FW.
Version 2.5.48
  • Add monthly KWH consumption tracking
  • Add reset kwh action for automation
  • Add monthly event triggers
  • Add secondary/backup network interface support via USB-Ethernet dongle
  • Add IP access ccontrol for cellular code bases only
  • Only on Mining Specific Firmware - Add preset mining specific events, miner API passthrough, and bitcoin exchange rate LCD bug for Mining OS. Contact us directly for copy of Mining OS FW
Version 2.5.47
  • Added support for SynLink Switched modules and current RMS reporting.
Version 2.5.45
  • Fix bug with SNMP sysLocation, sysContact fields.
Version 2.5.41
  • Add sysContact, sysName, and sysLocation fields on web interface for SNMP.
Version 2.5.40
  • Fix issue where SNMP does not report anything past IP address when booting after factory reset
  • Fix apaprent power for each outlet on SNMP
Version 2.5.38
  • Replace watts unit of measurement with apparent power
Version 2.5.37
  • Allow faster autoping interval and autoping timeout
  • Included power measurements on outlet api.
Version 2.5.36
  • Add configuration backup and restore functionality
  • Add ethernet passthrough realtek r8512 driver.
  • Fix NTP drift error
  • Regen SSL keys and certs more regularly
  • Extend SSL certificate to 20 years
  • Outlet info screensaver added
  • Mini leaf for Banyan support added
  • Bitcoin screensaver added
  • SMS command outlet status all functionality added. Action to trigger other PDUs added
Version 2.5.33
  • Add ability to use outlet relay as action
  • Add ability to use outlet index to modify outlet state/configuration instead f outlet UUID
  • Fix issue where bankCurrentRms is not updating for banks 2,3,+ for SNMP
  • Fix issue where inlet line current RMS is erraneous on SNMP
Version 2.5.31
  • Add configuration for SNMPv3 trap settings
  • Add configuration for SNMP3 enabled, snmp_port
  • Add SNMPv3 settings on users
  • Add SNMPv3 Trap Action
  • Add SNMPv3 authentication role permissions
Version 2.5.30
  • Fix horizontal LCD screensaver for 3 phase PDUs
Version 2.5.29
  • Update circuit breaker type. Single Pole/Double Pole
Version 2.5.28
  • Add ATS to warning events on front end
Version 2.5.6
  • Add flag to hide logs for outlet switching
  • Revert syslog format to traditional
  • Add enable disable outlet switching logs switch
  • Rename outlet action section in system outlet item page
  • Fix flush logs notification message
  • Reverse order of user activity logs in overview page
  • Rename graceful shutdown button
Version 2.5.5
  • Update CLI keywords for outlet set commands
  • Added ability to change global reboot time for CLI
  • Fix issues with validating global reboot time
  • Added websocket code to send event history trigger states
  • Rename graceful shutdown command on web interface
  • Add help menu for LCD settings
  • Batch operation on web interface skips outlets that are already in intended state, or gives user message that they are all already switched
  • Remove type in CLI for settings port set
  • Hide portAExpansionPwrShare settings
  • Fix issue with factory reset not resetting pwrOnState
Version 2.5.4
  • Add batch operation for outlet switching on web interface
  • Added help icons through web interface next to inputs and data rows
  • Added pending reboot onto outlet sections when rebooting
  • Add section on web interface for USB FW updates
  • Grab fetch information when component mounts for web interfaces
  • Separate JSON commands for CLI
  • Add example sections on IP section for CLI
  • Reword help menus to be more concise for CLI
  • Added USB FW update functionality.
Version 2.5.3
  • Fix error message for PUT /api/inlet web API for inlet energy accumulation inlet.
Version 2.5.2
  • Add ping command to CLI
  • Added coloring for last updated on web interface
  • Show FW in side header of web interface
  • Disable HTTPS redirect when HTTP is disabled.
  • Reloads data on front-end navigation changes
Version 2.5.1
  • Fix issue when clearing logs.User is prompted
  • Add warning label on front-end for IP and web changes
  • Fix user initialization issue with SSH keys.
Version 2.5.0
  • Factory reset now resets power up state and energy accumulation.
  • Factory reset clears logs files
  • Create default action for SynLink Switched/Switched Pro+ during reset
  • Add test ping command
  • Allow invalid hosts for autoping triggers
  • Add trigger state to event trigger objectLimit on number of groups, actions, events, and ssh keys added.
  • Give proper error response for maximum number of groups, actions, events, ssh keys, and uniqueness constraints
  • Add example commands in CLI
  • Telnet is disabled by default
  • Added functionality for output relay models (CLI, HTTP).
  • Changed cookie expiration to 24 hours.
Version 2.4.3
  • Fix issues related to telnet module.
Version 2.4.1
  • Add warning messages when changing SSH/IP/Web settings.
  • Add passwor dstatic text type for web interface
  • SSH session now resets when changing SSH settings.
Version 2.4.0
  • Added ability to set time manually.
  • Added polyfill for front-end to be compatible with more legacy browsers.
  • Add personal access token functionality for web API.
  • Add diagnostics info page
  • Added system logs for changes to settings, outlets, banks, groups, and inlets
  • Add button for graceful shutdown
  • Fix bugs with deleting SSH keys from web interface.
Version 2.3.1
  • Add permissions for additional shell commands.
  • Fix configuration issues with web interface for outlets.
Version 2.3.0
  • Added logging page for event trigger logging, internal logging, and user logging to web API and web interface.
  • Added groups functionality to command line interface.
  • Added ability to configure ports, and display on CLI.
Version 2.2.2
  • Force user role permission checking for command line interface.
  • Fix issue with firmware update on web interface.
Version 2.2.1
  • Fix modem command line interface bugs.
  • Fix bugs related to command line interface outlet JSON output.
  • Fix issues with version reporting
Version 2.2.0
  • Configurable Outlet Boot State functionality added and modifiable through web interface.
  • Modem functionality added to command line interface.
  • HW/FW reporting added.
  • SSH Key functionality added
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